Mantra Upasana

Vedas are the most ancient scriptures available in this world.what is Vedas? Vedas are immortal ,collection of Mantras . mantras that are not man made.

In linguisitic science (science of language) it is said that Mantras have great effect on human life. the basics of mantra i.e. Shabda ,is more ancient than anything else .And  it is said that sound leaves its impact on common human being from heart to soul.In this article we are going to see effects of Mantra  .we would be taking examples of Lord  Shri Ganesh Mantras.

Lord Ganesh-

Lord Ganesh is son of Lord Shiv and Parvati (Aadi Shakti)and is also honoured first  in most of the worship and rituals.he is said to be lord of intelligence(buddhi devata). His worship is considered auspicious before starting any   enture may be construction of building ,starting a new business,buying a new house or writing a book, etc.He is called as vignahar –one who removes all obstacles.

1-Sumukhacha …….



……………… 1 to 5..

Above Mantra removes all the obstacles, gives success,bestows wisdom.

Above Mantra says twelve name of Ganesh.the realization of above mantra ,above mantras should be recited for 11 times for 6 months.

2.Radha krut ganeshsotra


Above Mantra should be recitated for a 1000 of times for realization of mantra.

It makes one free from all sins, misery, and sadness.

3-ganesh pancharatnasotram


For realization of above mantra one should recited this at early morning for a year.

It gives health,destroys all sins,gives child,wealth ,longlife and lives like kuber life.

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