Remedies through Pooja

Pooja – All kinds of pooja are performed with learned Brahmins. Our team is well skilled professional dealing in all kinds of pooja. Vastu shanti, Graha shanti, Navachandi, Nakshtra Shanti, Yoga Shanti, etc.

  1. Vastu Shanti-In Vastu Shanti the main God (Pradhan Devta) is Vastu Purusha. Vastu Shanti is done to reduce vastu dosha, negative energy in home, to please Vastu purusha. Vastu Purusha blesses his devotee with health, wealth, prosperity, success and overall development.
  2. Graha Shanti- There are 9 pmain planets considered in Astrology –Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars , Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Planets are the one who deciesde the faith of person. In horoscope some planets are considered to be malefic and benefic. Planets which are malefic shanti Pooja should be performed for them.Note-malefic planets depends upon one’s  horoscope.
  3. Yoga Shanti- There are 27 yoga considered in astrology out of which 9 yoga are negative yoga. Negative Yogas are- 1. Vishkambh 2. Atiganda 3. Shul 4. Ganda 5. Yyaghat 6. Vajra 7. Vyatipat 8. Parigh 9. VidrutiThe above 9 yoga shanti should be performed as this yogas bring some or the other kind of obstacles in family or to the individual.
  4. Nakshtra Shanti – Jyeshta mula, revati Ashwini, ashlesha Magha are said to be Nakshtra Gandanta. Person born in this nakshtra are of aggressive nature, short tempered, and some troubles are seen to their family members. Hence performing Nakshtra shanti helps one to get rid of the above problem.
  5. Navchandi Pooja-Navchandi is performed to get blessings of Goddess Durga. In This Pooja Shakti is (durga Maa) is the main God. This pooja helps to overcome health problem, disharmony in home, wealth problem or some evil problems etc
  6. .Abhishek -Abhishek is a kind of ritual offered to a diety. It is effective method to please a deity. A Deity is offered water and panchamarat with brahmins reciting Mantras.All kinds of Abhishek are performed in Inaastro world
  7. Jap-reading / reciting of prayers and counting the beads of a rosary. All kinds of jap are performed in Inaastroworld.