Astrology Services

1. Horoscope with Remedies


Best Horoscope

The best horoscope deals  with  all  your life aspects. We are with best horoscope specialised  in career, education ,profession, health, wealth,marriage life  , most important  events  occurring in your  life for next 15 years  with  remedies  for same. A worth for all to have best horoscope with You.

Price Rs.750/-
US $12 Only

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2. Match making

Astrology  helps  you  to find an ideal partner for your self.In modern world it is necessary to Get  a good life partner. With the help of our service you get..

We help you with

  1. birth star compatibility
  2. guna melan
  3. graha melan
  4. special analysis for mangal dosha (if any)
  5. final result with yes  or no .


3. Gem Recommendation

Scince from ancient times gems  are considered to  be a healing source .gems helps to remove bad effects.  Helps us in our bad phase of life, gives courage ,confidence and a kind of luck for our future.

With our service we help you with..

We suggest you

  1. suitiable  gem based on horoscope .
  2. Gem carat weight.
  3. Metal.
  4. How and when to wear.

Price Rs.200/-

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4. Career Report

One of our specalised area. Career report helps you to find out proper career  option based on helps you to take decission  for what kind of business , job suitiable for you.which field will earn good return for you. With our service we help you with..

We suggest you 

  1. personality trait.
  2. career option,field of education
  3. ospisious period  to start your business.

Price Rs. 275/-

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5. And Many More

Whatever the problem may be  we have the  solution for it .we are here you to help for any aspects of your life.Be free to ask us.